Tips For Picking Bridal Jewellery Online, Bridal Design Ideas

Tips for picking bridal jewellery online and bridal design ideas

A lot of planning goes in every aspect of your wedding. Why not pay as much importance to the bridal jewellery as well? It is a once in a lifetime purchase, which has to be done right.  So we have brought few bridal jewellery tips for the brides out there.

  • Write down a list of the functions that you are planning to have for your wedding and shop for your clothes accordingly. Then proceed to the jewellery.
  • If you buy the jewellery first, you may realize that it is actually not required. For example, if you buy a high neck or a halter neck choli, a long necklace you bought a month ago may not look nice.
  • Measure your ideal necklace length, wrist circumference and other surfaces and keep the measurements with you. You can simply use a string to get the exact length. Refer to this list when you are out shopping for your jewellery so that you don’t get fooled. Also this will save a lot of your time, because you won’t waste time resizing your jewellery!
  • When you are picking out your bridal jewels, it’s a good idea to pick out stuff that you will be able to wear again. So if you plan to buy a very heavy necklace just for your special day, it may not be worth it.
  • Try interchangeable wedding pieces, which are flexible and can be used on many occasions, even after your wedding day.
  • While picking your earrings, keep your hairstyle in mind. If you are going to wear your hair down, pick longer earrings. For a bun, choose medium length earrings which will look elegant, but will still not overpower your face.
  • The engagement ring is the biggest part of your bridal jewellery. This will remain on your ring finger at all times. So when you pick these out stick to a simple mantra- pick something that you know you love and would like to wear every single day.
  • Keep a list of all the different jewellery pieces you are wearing for wedding functions and try to reuse them during the ceremony. Your anklets can be reused for different functions, and (most probably) nobody will notice! Don’t forget to pick up a storage box to keep all the bridal jewellery in place after the festivities are over.