Top 10 bride necklace

One of the most important steps of preparing for your wedding/marriage is finding the perfect bridal necklace to adorn yourself on your special day. Some brides prefer to buy their necklace first and then find a dress that goes perfectly with it. Since gold jewelleries are expensive, many brides-to-be feel that it is easier to find a dress that matches their gold jewelry. However, most of us would still prefer to get our bridal dress first, so that we have a better idea of the kind of necklace we are looking for.

Gold is intricately linked with our tradition and culture. Traditionally, the gold that the bride takes with her after her wedding day used to be the only assets that were hers. Times have indeed changed a lot, but Indian brides still attach great importance to their bridal gold necklace. Buying gold was a time consuming affair. Often, a whole day will be spent at gold shops with all your female relatives in tow. But now, you can shop for your bridal gold necklace online, sitting in the comfort of your home. Here we have gathered for you top 10 exquisite bridal gold necklace that every girl would love to own.

Kundan Studded Rajputana with a Classic Design

Add a delightful sparkle to all your special days and looks with this breathtakingly beautiful Rajputana choker that has been handcrafted into a classic and timeless design. This luxurious masterpiece has been studded with perfectly cut Kundan stones, which add to its charm and elegance.

Price: Rs 911609

Rajputana Choker Embellished With Pearls And Kundan

Sculpted into a timeless design, this beautiful piece has ever potential to become the crowning glory of your collection. Delicately handcrafted from 22ct yellow gold, the choker has been given a lovely finish. Embellished with pearls and Kundan, this gold choker necklace promises to be a definite attention-grabber!

Price: Rs 726450


22ct Yellow Gold Traditional Necklace

Traditional and classy, this stunning necklace is a perfect pick to accentuate your ethnics as well as formal ethnics. Embellishment of gold pearl hangings gives this necklace an overall glamorous appeal. Add it to your jewelry stash today!

Price: Rs 683525

Stylish Necklace with Gold Bead Hangings

Go for minimal make-up and this traditional necklace from our Gold ‘n’ Cart fashion collection. The necklace is girly, flirty, elegant and fun. Delicately handcrafted from 22ct yellow gold, the necklace has been given a lovely finish.

Price: Rs 672975

Artistic Handcrafted Necklace from Fashion Collection

Look artistic in this handcrafted necklace from our fashion collection. Perfect to wear with a wedding while going for a wedding function. Look your best with this breathtakingly beautiful necklace.

Price: Rs 478722

Forever Classic Intricately Designed Necklace

With a royal and timeless jewelry piece like the Forever Classic in your jewelry box, you never have to worry about not accessorizing right. A delightful tribute to the designer necklace which is handcrafted with the perfect amalgamation of old-world charm and modern grace.

Price: Rs 408878

22ct Yellow Gold Vintage Kundan Necklace

Revival of an antique pendant to render this a complete necklace in ‘Kundan’ style, is part of Gold ‘n’ Cart fashion collection. Inspired from an antique ‘Kundan’ pendant this meticulously handcrafted piece of jewelry that revisits the grandeur of aristocracy from bygone eras. This necklace is completed in the traditional technique with 22ct yellow gold to set uncut rubies and emeralds.

Price: Rs 364498

Sensational 22ct Yellow Gold Necklace Set with Earrings

A piece of resistance in design and craftsmanship, this fine necklace set in 22ct yellow gold exemplifies the flawlessness that defines Gold ‘n’ Cart and its jewelry. Equally suitable for both Indian ethnic and western wear, this necklace will be the highlight of your jewelry collection.

Price: Rs 310296

Handmade Authentic Designer Necklace

The artistic, flawless patterns on the statement necklace are a result of excellent workmanship, which has ensured absolute comfort and perfection. Embellished with flawless, intricate details, this necklace has been given a beautiful finish for an authentic look. Pair this edgy ethnic necklace with any of your favorite outfits.

Price: Rs 273374

Necklace with Enameled Surface

Turn heads everywhere you go with this necklace, which will make a worthy addition to your jewelry collection. Artistically designed with utmost care and precision, this masterpiece has been hand carved from the best quality and promises to be a comfortable wear. Decorated with colorful details and intricate patterns, this necklace has been given a 22ct yellow gold finish and will compliment all your favorite looks and outfits.

Price: Rs 270354